Since 1954, REL have been the industry leaders in commercial refrigeration, providing bespoke cooling solutions for our customers.

Starting from that first small butcher shop installations, we have expanded our business to all industries including Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Industrial Warehousing, and Pharmaceutical Facilities.

Our expertise allows us to offer the full range of services, from the initial design phases, to installation, and then to service and maintenance. Choose from a selection of bottle/keg coolers, cold rooms, or display refrigeration.

REL uses only premium quality brand in order to provide the best service for our customers.

REL Uses Only Premium Brands

Benefits of Choosing REL:

  • REL offers full planning and design of your refrigeration needs
  • 60 years of knowledge ensures installation is hassle free
  • Full project management on site from our engineers
  • REL provide energy saving options on existing installations
  • Real time off site monitoring allowing for immediate response
  • 32 county maintenance service available, as well as preventative maintenance, ensuring optimum efficiency at all times
Bottle/Keg Cooling

REL can provide a wide range Bottle coolers and Keg coolers that will guarantee perfectly chilled drinks around the clock. Bespoke to your business needs, REL strive to create the perfect fit for you and your business


Cold Rooms

Cold Rooms or Food Rooms are available in a variety of sizes according to your specific requirements and built to meet customers demands. Optional fittings such as shelving, meat rails, and plastic curtains are also available


Display Refrigeration

REL offers solutions for all your refrigeration needs, from industrial cold stores, to supermarket displays, or privately owned shops. Our expertise encompasses all levels of retail solutions to bring you the most efficient and cost effective solution for your business