Bottle and Keg Coolers

Industry Leaders since 1954, REL's foundation was built on commercial refrigeration and coolers, and over the years have developed the knowledge and expertise to ensure that our customer get that highest level of service and products.

REL offers a wide range of bottle coolers and keg coolers that will guarantee perfectly chilled drinks around the clock. REL only use premium brands in ensure our customers receive the best service every time.

Working with brands such as Gamko, Serrco, Turbo Air, Gram, and Unifrost, REL can cater for any size premises working with a budget to suit you.

All projects are bespoke to the customers needs, from the plan and design phase, to the service and maintenance phase.



Bottle Cooler Features

  • Integral (Plug in), remote (for separate machine unit) or Glycol Cooled Coolers
  • 2,3 or 4 Glass Doors or Solid Doors
  • Anthracite or Stainless Steel Front
  • Led Illumination for Enhanced Product Presentation

Keg Coolers

Keg Coolers are specifically designed to store 20L, 30L and even 50L kegs at a cold and constant temperature.

The machine unit is fully detachable enabling quick and efficient service in the field.

The Keg Cooler range is available in the following formats:

  • 2 x 20LKegs
  • 4 x 20L/1 x 50L Kegs
  • 6 x 20L/2 x 20L + 1 x 50L Kegs
  • 8 x 20L/4 x 20L + 1 x 50L/ 2 x 50L Kegs

Keg Boxes

The panel construction of keg coolers allows installation in narrow spaces like cellars.

The keg cooler come flat packed with a separate plug ready machine unit.

With reinforced bottom and wide front opening, keg coolers have especially been designed to store 20L, 30L and 50L kegs or bottle crates.