Ice Bank Dispense System

REL are the leading installer of the traditional Ice Bank Dispense System, with over 50 years of experience, and knowledge in this field

Ice Bank Beer System Features:

  • Approved By All Leading Irish Breweries

  • Ideal For Smaller Venues

  • Submergible / Semi Submergible Pumps

  • Stainless Steel Finish

  • Temperature Display

  • Simple to Install

  • Proven Reliable Technology


What is an Ice Bank Beer System?

  • A traditional ice bank beer system is a suitable option of dispense for a small to medium sized venue
  • The traditional system has been proven to be a reliable technology and is simple to install
  • REL offer a complete range of bespoke traditional ice bank dispense systems
  • Systems produce quality beer at temperatures as low as 2 degrees Celsius
  • REL Systems are manufactured and designed from premium quality materials
  • Each system is customised to suit the requirements of each customer and their premises