REL Glycol Beer Dispense System

REL have pioneered Glycol Beer Dispense Systems in Ireland and continue to be market leaders, with over 170 installations to date. REL Glycol Cooling Systems are an innovative dispense solution that can be used as an efficient alternative to the traditional ice bank method of cooling, offering a consistent quality product regardless of the demand.

REL is committed to continued innovation and have recently entered into a strategic innovation partnership between REL Group, Enterprise Ireland, and Institute of Technology Carlow; Design+ Gateway.

Benefits of the REL Glycol Dispense System:

  • Quality Product Delivery
  • Waste Beer Reduction
  • Significant Energy Savings
  • Temperature Control
  • Grant Compliant
  • Heat Recovery
  • Maintenance Reduction
  • Proven Technology
  • Noise, Heat & Size Reduction
Glycol Dispense Systems

More About REL Glycol Dispense Systems:

  • REL Glycol Cooling Systems are an innovative dispense solution
  • Are a direct replacement of the traditional ice bank method of cooling
  • A REL Glycol tank is paced in the cellar/cold room, allowing glycol (chilled to a minus degree) to constantly circulate through the beer python, from the tank to your taps, beer cold room, remote bottle coolers and even food cold rooms
  • Beverages are chilled to a constant temperature from the keg to the tap
  • Perfect pints every time
  • The REL Glycol Cooling System can remove your existing beer cold room compressor, ice bank compressor, or all under counter coolers, and replace them with an external unit
  • Allows any beer to be served at 0 degrees Celsius without the need for large, noisy, hot, under counter coolers