VFI Editorial June 2017


REL’s Glycol Beer Dispense System Delivers for Ireland’s Publicans

With over 170 installations nationwide, REL’s Glycol Beer Dispense System is fast becoming the beer dispense system of choice for publicans, hoteliers, visitor centres and performance arenas looking to increase their profits.

REL used its years of expert knowledge in the refrigeration industry to develop the pioneering REL Glycol Beer Dispensing System. Pat Crowley, Business Development Manager says;

“We invested heavily in R&D to find solutions to issues such as volatile temperatures; high energy and maintenance costs and beer wastage common with some traditional dispense systems. The REL Glycol Beer Dispense System was developed in Carlow for the Irish market and is delivering real savings for our clients."

“Energy savings of up to 50%; noise and heat reduction, increased shelf space, the ability to deliver free hot water up to 50°C and low maintenance are just some of the benefits of the REL Glycol Beer Dispense System. More importantly, the REL system ensures hotels and pubs are serving the perfect beverage at the perfect temperature every time, which means happier customers who return again and again”.

REL service engineers work nationwide and all installations are bespoke to the size and layout of each customer premises, unlike any other system available on the market. Existing beer cold room compressor, ice bank compressor and all under counter coolers are removed and replaced with one external unit.

With pricing comparable to traditional cooling systems, the REL Glycol system qualifies for the current brewery grant scheme as negotiated by the VFI.

Contact REL today on 056 772 13 10 or sales@rel.ie